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Random Inspiration

My debut novel, Misconceptions is coming out in January 2016. I was driving down the highway and noticed a bumper sticker that inspired the idea. Since the novel has some mystery to it, I'll have to wait to reveal what the bumper sticker said.

Book Two Title

I am working on book two of the Missteps series. My working title is Misguided, but that may change. I'm also editing a stand-alone novel I've written entitled A Matter of Conviction.

Becoming Aware

When I was eight  years old my sister-in-law gave me a tiny gold pin. The pin was in the shape of baby's feet. She told me, "These are the size of the baby's feet at six weeks old." I was enthralled. So tiny. So perfect. And unfortunately, so incredibly vunerable.  Then she explained to me the work she was doing for the Ohio Right To Life organization, and I knew I wanted to be involved with saving the pre-born.

When I started writing Misconceptions, the death toll for babies murdered in America stood at 50 million. What a devastating statistic. Sadly, by the time this novel is published, that number will increase to over 53 million. Each and every life that was taken was of value to our Lord.

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