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What is your advice for aspiring writers? - Don't give up! Keep writing and learning. So many options and resources are's an exciting time to be an author. I had pitched my novel to several publishers and listened to what they had to say. Eventually, you'll find a publisher who will love your book as much as you do.

Writing Books I Love


I'm a huge fan of any writing book by James Scott Bell. (I also love his fiction!) Bell's writing books are some of the best out there. His Plot & Structure book is excellent! I also keep a copy of The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi beside me while I'm writing.

Writing Organizations

Join a writing organization. I'm a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. I've attended several of their conferences and have benefitted both from the classes offered, and from meeting other writers. Attending a conference is also a great opportunity to meet agents and editors.




HOW I GOT HERE  - Info for writers


I've been writing for over ten years. My first novel was a sweet romance entitled Come As You Are. It is currently tucked safely away in my desk. I'm not sure if it will ever see the light of day. If you're just getting started on your writing journey, take a peek below. I' ve listed some of my favorite resources. The best advice I ever received is as follows, "Write about something that makes you want to throw a chair through the window." That may sound strange, or a little extreme, but it does take passion to complete a novel. Thanks for stopping by!


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