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The first suspense novel in the Misstep Series.


It’s mysterious. And she’s too curious.


In the near future, the birthrate in the United States has dropped precipitously … everywhere except a few small pockets. Posing as a social worker at a southern Ohio hospital, TV news reporter Dominique Sherwood aims to get the scoop and find out why.


Her investigation takes a radical turn when she meets Dr. Joseph Armstrong. His attention makes her heart flutter, but his theory about the birthrate decline makes her heart stutter. It’s too strange to even consider, but it’s her only lead.


Dominique follows the trail into the dangerous underworld of black-market adoptions as Joe and his family are unwittingly drawn into the web of deceit and murder. And when the truth comes out, more than just her story is on the line.


Coming from Castle Gate Press in January 2016!


The second novel in the Misstep Series.


Content will be available soon!

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Represented by Linda Glaz, Hartline Literary Agency

Published by Castle Gate Press